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how to make a corset

image In fact, that theme took quite a long time, a lot of time talking and not writing, and eventually we got it." But he gives the production designers a lot of freedom. "Peter Morgan's scripts for The Crown aren't full of prescriptive description," production designer Martin Childs told Architectural Digest . "I love them for a lot of things, and, as a designer, I especially love them for that. They tell the story in movement and dialogue, inviting me and my team to create a world in which that story can believably take place." Queen Elizabeth’s friendship with Porchey is real. Queen Elizabeth's friendship with Lord Porchester (Porchey) caused problems for her and Philip during The Crown's first season. Elizabeth and Porchie were close in real life as well, and there were even rumors of an affair between the two—though there's no real evidence to suggest an affair ever happened. The sets are huge for an important reason.

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